Greetings! My name is Matthew Shaw.

I am a photographer with over a decade of professional experience.

Managing a portrait studio, working as a Nikon photographer and providing various photography services all over Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia and Kentucky, I am always developing new skills, techniques and taking new risks with my work.

I want to provide every client with a

unique visual depiction

of their own personal story.

Artist Statement:

    Through the elimination of suggestion and personal interpretation, my process is pragmatic. The challenge is accepting every moment as a truth and taking away only the most constructive observations, whether it be solace or discontent.


    Much of life is passed by and we tend to assign our acquired emotions to greater moments, even though our thoughts and feelings are just as influenced by the subliminal, sometimes ordinary frames of life.


    My goal is to provoke those who see my work to observe the world around them more closely and appreciate the smaller, less acclaimed moments in life.

About Me

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